Email List Cleaning & Validation Services                                       

Voodoo offers a service to clean, validate and verify your email database. It's an easy effective way to get your email lists up-to date-by identifying and purging bad, invalid, undeliverable, seed, honeypot, duplicate and spambot email data.

Major benefits include:

  • Maximum deliverability of your email campaigns.
  • Prevent being blacklisted or identified as a “spammer” by ISPs.
  • Reduce your overall email marketing costs due to bounced email monitoring and manual list maintenance.  This can be VERY time-consuming!

Email List Cleaning Flowchart

NOTE: There are many unknowns and variables that play a role in accurate email list cleaning and validation.  Nonetheless, we guarantee 95% accuracy of your results. Your completed order includes a report showing the details of your list's cleaning and validation. 

What does it cost?

There is no setup fee, and we offer a Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) Pricing structure with a minimum charge of $350 per list for comprehensive cleaning, validation and data matching. (Special discounts are available to current Voodoo customers. Just ask.)   

Want to avoid paying multiple minimum charges on multiple lists? Voodoo allows you to combine multiple lists into a single list. To allow your data to be re-sorted and separated after list cleaning, simply adding a data column and include a List Identifier of your choice.

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