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Great local search results for your business.

SEO and local search have become vital to your organization. More and more, it's the primary way new customers find you. So make sure your info appears accurately everywhere. 

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"The Local Search Toolkit helps new customers find you online.

Once they do, use automated video to help them make an informed decision.

It's a one-two punch to shorten your sales cycle."

Robert Cassard
Co-founder/Creative Director

The Voodoo Local Search Toolkit™ with Powerlistings corrects listings and makes them stand out with rich content, photos, offers and more. It's the dependable way to turn online searchers into buyers. Watch this video to see why local search matters.

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Our large network of online directories and publishing partners  includes over 50 search engines, maps and apps. All the places where users are likely to be searching for a business like yours. We even monitor your Google My Business presence—a feature not found in many local search services.

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Guaranteed presence.


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Local Search Results

The correct information...everywhere.

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Enhanced PowerListings attract customers.

PowerListings make sure your directory listings are present with the correct information. Our system automatically adds missing listings, and updates critical fields like name, address, phone number, and other categories across our network.

Change your information anytime and it updates across all out network partners.

Enhanced PowerListings.

Stand out and look great, everytime.

The Voodoo Local Search Tookit with PowerListings lets you add photos, descriptions, promotions to your listings on each site within our network. This gives your listings the visual and informational power of paid advertising.

Let your customers know about specials, new products, important announcements, changing hours, or anything else. Simply enter the information into your PowerListings dashboard and watch updates occur across the network at blazing fast speeds.