The foolproof eVideo Launcher

The simple cloud-based campaign launcher.

Send pre-built campaigns with no learning curve.

Ideal for sales reps and channel partners.

Ready to Launch Button

“Lite” eVideo Launcher accounts piggyback on the content in your Voodoo Campaign Manager.  Make your video, email and other content available for instant broadcast by reps and partners, generating major cumulative sales impact.


  • Low-cost, easy-to-use system—Low monthly per-seat cost makes Voodoo affordable to channel partners and individual reps.
  • An effective Channel Partner “on-boarding” tool—This simple system is proven to help newly signed partners start selling your products more quickly and effectively.
  • Optional custom- or co-branding—automatically professionalizes channel marketing campaigns
  • Users can upgrade to full-featured Voodoo Campaign Manager at any time.

Is it really that easy?  Let's take a look...

4-Step Campaign Launching



A clean simple user dashboard.

 eVideo User Dashboard


Step 1. A foolproof way to select campaigns.


Step 1. Choose Campaign

Step 2. Upload contacts as easily as with Facebook or Google.

Step 2. Choose Recipients

Step 3. Control and personalization all in one simple interface.

 Step 3. Personalize Email
Step 4. Check and edit the campaign, then Send with one click.
 Step 4. Preview and Send
Results: Check campaign results at any time, in real-time.
Unlimited campaigns and contact lists let users pursue every opportunity.
Step 5. Results