Drive your relationships forward.

Like a drive chain keeps a wheel moving forward, the entire customer journey propels your ultimate success.


What are the missing links in your Customer Life-Cycle Experience and why does it matter?

• It costs 5 to 12 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

• The ROI is up to 10 times higher for investments in customer retention than new customer acquisition.  
• A mere 5% increase in customer retention typically results in a 75% increase in aggregate lifetime profits.









Better leads, faster sales.
How to generate, qualify and prioritize leads more easily.
  Typical Challenges:  
  • Takes time and resources
  • Costs money
  • Not consistent
  • No strategy
  Easy Solutions:  

Leverage Automated Video Communications:
  • Capture prospects automatically from any online source. 
  • Segment your prospects and identify high priority, legitimate leads.
  • Use automated email campaigns to communicate personally and perfectly to nurture every lead.
  • Establish relationships personally and sell more, faster.  

You can do this without complex lead scoring or data analysis.

How it works—>

Automatically feed your contact lists from capture forms:

  • on your website
  • affiliate landing pages
  • social media and 
  • shopping cart transactions

You'll be impressed by your own
return on investment.


Voodoo for Prospecting


5 times more sales impact.
Forget static emails, because online video beats them hands-down.
  Typical Challenges:  
  • Competitive communications noise
  • High media costs: print/radio/tv
  • Inconsistency across sales force
  • Compliance of message
  Easy Solutions:  
Leverage Automated Video to grab attention, educate and entertain your prospects and customers.  
  • Targeted exposure at extremely low cost 
  • Segment your prospects and identify legitimate leads.
  • Communicate automatically, individually and personally from each sales rep.
  • Content library can be shared among multiple users for consistent professionalism and brand compliance.


Sales Message & Process


Sales Message and Process   


Leverage strategic content including emails, videos and surveys to create an automatic customer-nurturing system. 


Set them up to reach out at every stage — pre- and post-appointment and follow up. This will build trust and rapport, generate interest, and maintain brand and legal compliance. Make sure you track every step. 


This automated outreach will help you sell more and yield solid ROI quickly.










Avoid buyers' remorse and returns. Delight customers effortlessly.

Delivering-as-promised usually requires some automation.


  Typical Challenges:  

  • Giving customers personal attention
  • Keeping them satisifed
  • Giving high-quality support
  • Finding staff time to provide excellent service
  Easy Solutions:   
  • Auto-triggered communications via CRM & Shopping cart integration
  • Post-sale videos and downloads increase satisfaction, decrease returns
  • Automated strategic outreach drives upsell/cross-sell and subscription opportunities
  • Surveys and customer polling builds and measures satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Post-Sale Communications  


Setup strategic communications and drip-marketing funnels to automatically reach out on your behalf.

They'll build satisfaction, rapport and additional sales. Track every step to measure your rewards in hard and soft dollars.



Client Relations


Keep your competition at bay.

Keeping in close contact with your customers is critical to nurture the next opportunity...and the next... 


  Typical Challenges:   

  • Cultivate relationships and trust
  • Honor customer needs & desires
  • Provide ongoing personal attention
  • Maintain competitive advantage
  Easy Solutions:  
  • Personalized web video that builds satisfaction and ongoing trust
  • Automated communications funnels to provide consistent, long-term outreach
  • Surveys and customer polling to collect vital customer feedback
  • Survey-to-funnel intelligence to give customers what they want, when they want it 

How it works—>

Use funnels and forms to communicate news and product releases, to share information over time, and provide important reminders and notifications.
This is an automated way to increase the lifetime value of each customer. 

You’ll never forget your customer and they’ll never forget you.

Client Relations Touchpoints


Leverage all the relationship can offer.

Remember the math showing what it costs to acquire a new customer vs. keeping one or generating a referral? 


  Typical Challenges:  

  • Convert satisfaction into action
  • Incentivize referrals
  • Automate capture of testimonials
  • Create effective, relevant media

  Easy Solutions:  
  • Use social media and email to encourage sharing and viral communication
  • Use affiliate relationships and capture forms to auto-generate leads
  • Use testimonial surveys to acquire customer references automatically
  • Leverage a dual-video pass-along system to build referrals fast


Referrals & Testimonials

Referrals & Testimonials

Did you know know you can leverage your customer base to provide an endless supply of qualified leads?

New technology allows them to endorse you and virally grow your contact lists, simultaneously identifying warm and hot leads and starting the magic all over again.

All this should be happening while you’re doing other things...