Live example:
Manufacturer video embedded in a channel reseller's custom Voodoo frame with Digital Business Card.

It all happens automagically. Find out more below.

The automated power of Voodoo custom-branding and personalization.
Playing corporate videos through Voodoo instantly personalizes and custom-brands them. When one of your reps send a video out to your prospects or customers, the video plays in that rep's personalized web frame. Voodoo tracks exactly who is watching the videos, and you and your reps can receive instant hot lead notifications.  

Post Voodoo videos on your website improves viewer experience and branding.
Voodoo increases the impact of videos on your website. You can replace small embedded video viewer with a click-through thumbnail image.  When visitors click-through, they see a full-size video in your custom-branded frame.  Click here to see an example of how a telecom channel partner (Co-Nexus) links their videos to website thumbnails using Voodoo.

Social media and the Voodoo Digital Business Card
In addition to your campaigns, you can post videos on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter and use them in each rep's email signature. These techniques will give you incredible value from your video content and your Voodoo investment.