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*Not Video Views, like with YouTube.  We’re talking about Video Viewers
real-time contact data showing exactly who’s watching your videos now.

Find out how Automated Video can shorten your sales process, turbo-charge your CRM and stop you from repeating yourself.

Join the group of telecom manufacturers and resellers selling millions more because of Voodoo.

Available in full and lite versions. Low as $99 a month.



 Why you need Video now...

Simple fact: Video marketing is proven to increase sales and leads. If you’re not using video in your sales and marketing efforts, you are losing customers to your competitors who do use it.

Companies that include video in their overall sales and marketing strategy benefit from:

igher Click-Through Rates (CTR)
 Higher Engagement Rates
 Higher Conversion Rates

"Voodoo now offers video libraries from most IT and telecom manufacturers. If you resell Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel or other IT products, Voodoo is a major advantage for you and your reps."

Michele Riley
Marketing Services Director


James McQuivey Phd gets his Voodoo on 
Dr. James McQuivey, VP of Forrester Research, author of Digital Disruption, gets his Voodoo on.

1.8 Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?  Video makes pictures move and talk, with graphics, music and sound effects. It communicates information and emotion, making them memorable and “sticky.” 

What’s a video worth? Well, Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research estimates the average value of a one-minute video to be the equivalent of about 1.8 Million words. (That's the number of words on 3,600 typical web pages.)

Video is a magical way to communicate online and the single best marketing investment you can make. Super-charge that investment by using Voodoo to get your videos seen by the people who matter. Voodoo automatically custom-brands, personalizes, distributes and tracks your video. 

Fact: viewers remember 95% of what they see in a video compared to just 10% with text.



Customized Video Content


Resellers, Dealers, VARs: Which manufacturers do you represent? 

Voodoo now offers video libraries from the top UC manufacturers and providers:

  • Allworx
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Integra
  • Microsoft
  • Mitel
  • NEC
  • Shoretel
  • Star2Star
  • Toshiba
  • Vertical Communications
  • Windstream
Don't see your manufacturer?
Just ask us. 

"We're able to leverage co-op marketing funds from our manufacturer, which makes Voodoo the best marketing tool you'll ever cost-justify."

David Guberman
President, Telexperts

"The co-op dollars are huge. Voodoo ends up costing a tenth of what I'd pay to have an assistant manage everything Voodoo does."

Debi Caron
Director of Marketing 
Trans-West Network Solutions


Video informs and excites prospects.

It's a non-threatening way to present information quickly, clearly and consistently without wasting precious sales staff time. Even better, whenever a video is sent or shared from a Voodoo account, it plays in your custom-branded frame, fully personalized from the rep who sent it.  Here's what we mean: 


The power of personalization


Voodoo tracks Open and Click-Through Rates and tells you exactly who is watching.  Video Views and direct responses indicate your prospects' level of interest and notify your sales team about who deserves their attention right away.


Sample Video Library: Telecom Channel Partners 

Here are just a few of hundreds of examples.  
All dynamically and automagically co-branded and personalized by Voodoo.

Avaya Video in SunTel Frame Mitel Video in Marco Frame Plantronics Video in Sencomm Frame

 ShoreTel Video in Sound Inc Frame Star2Star Video in McEnroe Frame Vidyo Video in Trans-West Frame 

Click any button to watch. Hit your browser's return button to return to this page. 

Proven to work.

It's fun to use and the results are magical. That's why we call it Voodoo. 

Voodoo has a long history of automating success for IT and telecom resellers. But don't take our word for it. See what real Voodoo users say in our real-world webcam interviews.     
 Example - Telecom Reseller Owner

Channel Partner Reseller

After just 6 months, President David Guberman shares how Voodoo Viral helped his company achieve record-setting revenues. 

Telexperts, Ltd., is a large Canadian reseller with a 28-year history. Last year, they leveraged MDF from their primary vendor to purchase an annual Voodoo Power Business Builder subscription.  

Example - Telecom Sales Rep

Channel Partner Sales Rep

David Budke estimates that Voodoo outreach has been responsible for $1.5 Million in net new business for him personally.

Dave uses Voodoo in conjunction with Salesforce to reach large numbers of prospects with consistency and total professionalism. He began using Voodoo as a direct sales rep with Mitel, and now uses it as a Sr. Applications Specialist at Integra Telecom, one of the largest facilities-based providers of communication and networking in the western U.S.



Example - Telecom Account Manager

Direct Sales Rep

In her role as an Area VIP Manager, Jamie Marquez estimates that Voodoo automation saved her between 8-16 hours every week and allowed her to handle twice as many customers as other reps.

Jamie was an avid Voodoo user while at Mitel, and her savvy use of automation helped Mitel grow into the billion dollar telecom giant it is today. Her success caught the attention of Integra Telecom, where she and her Voodoo account now generate similarly impressive results.   




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